Iwayaji (#45)

while there, the head monk gave me a paper with following words: It is not possible to look directly through other people’s mind. It may be possible, however, to infer what is in their mind from their expression, attitudes, words… It is indeed quite reasonable to deduce that all of human activities are a manifestation of our mind, our sentiments. Kōbō Daishi has put it this way: Enlightenment is a realization of the true aspect of one’s mind. It is based on his conviction that an ignoble, sinister, and wicked mind is not what human mind should be in the ideal world. The true ideal state of mind can be realized by gladly serving others and constantly making efforts to better oneself, among other things. In other words, exemplary values, for example a merciful heart, can always be found in the mind of each and every individual.

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